I'm serious. There are no ads. It's completely legit, free, nothing. No spyware, no nothing. Normally people say thesse things or the could-have-been viewers are turned away. But I want to take all these precautions. If you don't completely believe me, don't click the link. It's not my site, I'm not getting money, it's just a place for watching any show after it's aired. I'm not sure how they got it, but they have it. Here's the Legend of Korra Episode 1! (I recommend you choose Player 2 or Player 3; not 1, doesn't work for me and I don't want you to waste your time.

Family Tree:

Aang & Katara = Kaya (not sure about spelling), Boomi (also not sure about spelling), Tenzin

Tenzin & Pema = Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and one more on the way


  • Aang is the airbender in the theme song/intro; Korra is the waterbender. Aang appears much older as far as I can tell from the albeit blurry image of Aang in the video above. I'm not sure if I saw it properly, but I believe Aang had some kind of facial hair, but he does of course remain bald.
  • Mako appears briefly near the end of the episode; Bolin makes no appearance.
  • At one point, Katara mentions having outlived her friends and brother. It's a sad thing that I'm hoping isn't true.
  • Aang has a statue right outside of Republic City showing him at his iconic young age as opposed to the theme song, holding his signature airbending staff (which Meelo shows to be using at the end of the episode upon arrival to what they think is saying bye to Korra); Toph has one in the Bei Fong Headquarters, where the Bei Fong (or that's what I think they're called, the police) interrogate suspects (such as Korra in this episode when Lin Bei Fong, Toph's daughter as even mentioned by Korra). Toph's statue shows one of her being much older, likely in her mid-teens (16, maybe 17 or 18). She looked somewhere older than Katara in the original series.
  • (will fill in some more when I get the chance)

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