The Spirit Oasis. Koh states that, long before the Hundred Year War, Tui and La, the Ocean and Moon Spirits, became mortal and began to circle each other in the pond of the oasis for eternity.

Many years after this, Avatar Kuruk intended to marry his love, Ummi, a Souther Water Tribe woman, inside the Spirit Oasis. However, on the night of the wedding, Ummi was traveling above the pond of the Spirit Oasis when she was kidnapped and taken to the Spirit World by the Face-Stealer, Koh, to punish Kuruk for neglecting his duties as the Avatar. Kuruk gave chase, but he could not catch up to Koh and Ummi. Koh subsequently took Ummi's face. For the remaining years of Kuruk's life, he journeyed to the Spirit Oasis on the anniversary of the wedding and searched for his lost wife.

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