Mako LOK

Mako firebending in a pro-bending tournament

Mako is a Firebender from a multiracial family. He has a more serious, brooding personality than that of his younger brother named Bolin who is an Earthbender. The two gain a friend, Pabu, a fire ferret. They meet Avatar Korra and team up with her to rid the city of Equalists. Mako, Bolin and Korra participate in a Pro-Bending tournament as a team and form the Fire Ferrets.

Mako has feelings for Asami but when Korra confesses that she likes him, he becomes confused and ends up kissing Korra. Mako continues to maintain his relationship with Asami but Mako still has mixed feelings.

Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami later join together to form Team Avatar which is a group to get of Equalists in the city.