KataraKatara is an elderly waterbending trainer of Korra. She was friends with previous Avatar Aang, and helped him along with her brother, Sokka, and her friends Toph and Zuko defeat Fire Lord Ozai. She advised Korra to escape to Republic City in order to pursue her airbending training. She is married to Aang and has three children, Airbender Tenzin, Waterbender Kya, and Non-Bender Bumi.


Katara's normal attire is a fur dress made of wolfskin. She has white hair with her traditional "hair loopies". She also is shown with her necklace. Her necklace she got from her mother, Kaya, who got it from her mother Gram Gram. Gram Gram got it as a bethroval necklace from her husband, Paku.

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