Hiroshi Sato

Hiroshi Sato is a non-bending wealthy businessman working in the line of the Satomobiles.

One day Korra overhears Hiroshi speaking on the phone about something suspicous and suspects he is affiliated with the Equalists. Lin Beifong and Tenzin interrogate him but he simply says that it was all a misunderstanding because he was talking about business and he could strike the market with a new line of Satomobiles, but Korra and the others were doubtful so they requested his factory to be searched. No evidence could be found in any of the warehouses but they receive a tip from a worker that suggests an underground factory beneath the mansion was where Equalist weapons were being manafactured. When Korra, Tenzin, Lin and the Metalbending Police Force arrived at the underground factory, Hiroshi ambushed them with other chi blockers on his side. Mako and Bolin came to their rescue and tried to get their unconcious friends out of there but Hiroshi spotted them. Asami then came to stop her father but instead Hiroshi tried to persuade Asami into joining the Equalists by reminding Asami that her mother was killed by a firebender which is the reason for why Hiroshi joined the Equalists. Hiroshi held out an electrified glove to Asami but after telling her father that she loved him, she took the glove and electrocuted him which allowed everybody to escape safely.