LoK Epi9

Tarrlok hides Korra in a remote mountain cabin, publicly claiming that Equalists abducted her. In reaction, Lin Beifong breaks Korra's friends out of jail. With Tenzin, they infiltrate the Equalist hideout, but only find Lin's de-bended police officers, not the Avatar. Back at City Hall, as a witness exposes Tarrlok's crime, he escapes to his cabin using bloodbending. There, locked in a metal box, Korra has been meditating to obtain a more complete vision of Aang's past: Forty-two years ago, the mobster Yakone escaped his trial by bloodbending the court into submission, but Aang recaptured him and removed his bending. Korra deduces, and Tarrlok confirms, that he is Yakone's son, repeating his father's attempt to rule Republic City. As the Equalists arrive at the cabin, Tarrlok's bloodbending proves ineffective against Amon, who removes Tarrlok's bending. The weakened Korra escapes into the woods and, rescued by Naga, returns to the city. Mako takes Korra in his arm which makes Asami doubt whether Mako really loves her.