LoK epi8As Asami, Mako, and Bolin are moving into Air Temple Island, Korra and Tenzin leave to attend the induction ceremony of the city’s new police chief, chief Saikhan. The new chief lauds Tarrlok as being the only person effective at quelling equalists. Korra confronts Tarrlok afterward, saying she will never join Tarrlok’s task force again. Tarrlok says she’s only a half-baked avatar because she can’t airbend. As Tenzin and Korra travel back to the island, Korra expresses frustration with her inability to airbend to Tenzin, who explains how Aang had help from his past lives when he was learning, and asks Korra if she has communicated with them yet. Korra explains that she has had hallucinations about Aang and Tenzin wonders if he might be trying to communicate with her. Later, Asami, Mako, and Bolin find Korra and they remind her that Aang always had help from his friends, and that she can count on her new friends to help her out now. When this new Team Avatar leaves to patrol Republic City, they hear about an equalist break out on the police scanner and decide to pursue. They apprehend the criminals quickly, but Tarrlok warns Korra not to get in the way anymore. The next morning Tarrlok proposes a law that would make it illegal to be involved with the equalists at all and places a curfew on all non-benders in the city. Tenzin objects to Tarrlok but the council passes the law anyway. Korra and friends hear about a massive movement of equalists and leave to help out, but when they arrive they find a massive group of non-bending citizens roped off because they’d broken curfew after their power was deliberately shut off. Korra protests to Tarrlok and begins to free people when Tarrlock arrests her friends. Korra tries to free them but they tell her she shouldn’t get arrested. Tenzin learns he can do nothing until the council meeting in the morning. Korra decides to confront Tarrlock herself. She tells him that he’s persecuting non-benders exactly how Amon says benders are. Tarrlock says he will release her friends if Korra complies with him and does everything he tells her from now on. Korra realizes that Tarrlock arrested her friends just to get to her, and she refuses to comply with him. They battle, and when it seems that Korra has the upper hand on Tarrlok, he uses blood bending to stop her. When Korra asks how he can do this without a full moon, he replies that there are a lot of things she doesn’t know about him. Korra has another flashback to Aang and his friends. Tarrlok kidnaps Korra, saying that he’s taking her where she’ll never be found.